About us

The most well-qualified team to take care of your crops

Our mission:
to place research in the hands of growers

Clean industry

Since 1986 we’ve been focusing our efforts on the research, development, and marketing of natural products. Our goal is to promote crop health and improve the efficacy of nutritional programmes, increasing both crop quality and production.

Our vision:
being loyal to our DISTINGUISHING FEATURE with an exclusive range of products recognised for their high scientific-technical value and for being a reference in plant nutrition and crop protection away from the use of chemicals and without waste

Pyme innovadora

One of our key priorities at Agrométodos is investment in R&D&I. Our company has collaboration agreements in place with prestigious research centres both nationally and internationally.


Agrométodos is a member of the following associations and organisations:


Asociación Española de Fitosanitarios y Sanidad Ambiental


International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association


Servicio de Certificación CAAE


Plataforma tecnológica de
biotecnología vegetal

AGROMÉTODOS is an organisation dedicated to designing, producing and distributing products for plant nutrition and crop protection. AGROMÉTODOS has a Quality and Environmental Management Systembased on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 standards. AGROMÉTODOS Management commits to meeting and communicating the following values and commitments:

Our values:
people are the engine that drives our company

The Agrométodos team is made up of highly qualified individuals with extensive experience, who dedicate all their efforts, commitment, honesty, motivation, and determination, to fulfilling the company’s mission and making its vision a reality.

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