Agrometodos: Biovegen partner

Since last November 20, AGROMETODOS is a partner of the Plant Biotechnology Technology Platform, BIOVEGEN.


BIOVEGEN has been working since its creation in the approach of entities in the Spanish agri-food sector, bringing in touch the supply and demand of technology, and generating business opportunities through the collaboration of Science-Company. It also develops collaborations and R&D projects, identifies the technological challenges of the sector to develop technologies and acts as an interface between the scientific, business and administration community. All this aimed at promoting the improvement of the competitiveness of the sector through the development of technologies from Plant Biology.

The overall objective of BIOVEGEN is to establish a common public-private project in which the different entities interested in R&D in applied plant biology can find a breeding ground for project generation and technological development based on public-private cooperation.

For AGROMETODOS it is a pride and a competitive plus to belong to this association.


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