Agrométodos Committed to the Community

Agrométodos, a company committed to the community, has sponsored the sporting/charity challenge Santiago de Compostela – Virgen de La Arrixaca Hospital (Murcia) on bike.


Time stands still for no one and what is a momentous adventure today will be a memory forgotten tomorrow. We hope this isn’t the case for the epic journey that we have been committed to for the last seven days of August 2019. And this is why we want to tell the story of the “friklistas” who crossed Spain diagonally from Santiago de Compostela to Murcia on their bikes. It all started with “Making it count”.

Alguien pensó que podía dedicar su esfuerzo como deportista a un propósito que lo mereciera, y decidió que la investigación contra el cáncer infantil lo merecía. Otros se contagiaron y cogieron su rueda y así se han realizado ya tres retos que han superado, en todo, las expectativas previstas.


Someone thought they could dedicate their effort as a sports enthusiast to a valuable cause and decided that childhood cancer research was worthwhile. Others caught the bug and got behind their handlebars, and just like that they have already finished three challenges, which have far exceeded expectations.

Some decided to pedal, others encouraged them with their support and, with the motivation of everyone, they have overcome the challenges, particularly this last one. Although the path has been difficult, which makes the challenge even more meaningful, it has also been rewarding. Everyone knows about Spain’s beauty, its landscapes and its people, and this experience has undoubtedly confirmed this. Hospitality, kindness and solidarity are just a few terms that define the lands and people of this country, from Santiago passing through Sarria in Lugo, La Bañeza in León, Salamanca, Talavera de la Reina, El Alcázar de San Juan, Albacete and lastly Murcia. And we can’t forget about the small towns and villages whose stones tell the story of our DNA (the adventures of Cid Campeador and Don Quijote de la Mancha, among others).

They reached the finish line with indescribable emotion. This adjective isn’t used without a good reason: they were over the moon! Virgen de La Arrixaca Hospital received the “friklistas” with a standing ovation, full of admiration, appreciation and with open arms, but the respectful silence of a delegation of ill little children was even more deafening.


The whole Agrométodos family is proud to have taken part in this challenge, which has achieved something beautiful, created hope and encouragement and received a great deal of love. Likewise, we would like to thank Mercedes García for her daily articles and support for the “friklistas”, as well as Objetivo Torrevieja, Bikemanía, Ponferradina and its fan club, AFANION, AFACMUR, Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital and everybody who has supported this challenge.


For Agrométodos it has been worth it.


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