Agrométodos has been committed to social causes for 15 years

At Agrométodos, in addition to focussing our efforts on the formulation and development of natural products for agriculture, we also participate in different social initiatives. As a company we have been committed to corporate social responsibility for many years, and we have invested in actions aimed at benefiting society.

To this effect, for 15 years we have lent our support to numerous projects and activities local to us, with the aim of helping to alleviate the inequalities in our society and respond to the needs of groups at risk of exclusion.

Through various donations we work together with diverse charitable organisations with whom we share our commitment to equality and the well-being of our society:

Children’s villages.This is an organisation that helps children, whose mission is to protect those who have been deprived of care and provide them with an environment in which they can grow.

Save the Children. This is an international NGO whose objective is to work for the rights of the most disadvantaged children around the world.

AFIM -Help, Training and Inclusion for those with Disabilities. The AFIM Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to young people, adults and all those with physical, intellectual, sensory and mental disabilities.

Red Cross. This is a humanitarian organisation of a voluntary nature that works for the most vulnerable groups, the defence of human rights, the environment and the defence of ethnic minorities.

UNHCR. This UN agency is responsible for protecting refugees and those displaced by persecution or conflict, and for pursuing lasting solutions to their situation, through voluntary resettlement in their country of origin or in the host country.

Ayuda en acción.This is an international NGO that stands beside those who are most vulnerable and that works to eradicate poverty.

AECC – The Spanish Cancer Association.This is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation that works on preventing, providing information and raising awareness about cancer, offering support to sufferers and their loved ones.

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