Artichoke, another star food for autumn

With the entry of autumn, the main time of collection of artichoke and its consumption at tables throughout the country begins. As pointed out by the association Alcachofa de España, currently in Spain more than 11 million people with an average of more than 3 kilos per person consume this product. Figures showing the importance that this product is gaining with excellent characteristics.

One of the objectives that arise from this association is to try to eliminate the consideration of artichoke as a seasonal food, since it is worked to offer it continuously to be part of the diets throughout the year. The production of hybrid varieties allows them to be present on the market in fresh, canned and also frozen format.

In this sense, artichoke production in Spain has been increasing to about 220,000 tonnes per year. The production area in Spain is located in the Mediterranean arch, La Rioja and Navarra being Benicarló and Vega Baja two of the main production areas in Spain. Currently, more than 3,000 families are engaged in this crop.

Spain ranks as one of the leading producers of artichokes worldwide. Spanish artichoke production accounts for 25% of European production.

Artichoke not only triumphs for its taste and versatility, but also for its nutritional value. If for something is known and admired artichoke is for not containing saturated fats and being rich in cinarine, a phenolic compound very beneficial to the body for its cholemetic properties and colagogas. It also promotes the reduction of blood cholesterol levels thanks to the phenolic type compounds it contains. It’s rich in fiber and protein. In addition, do not forget its powerful vitamin power, where vitamin K, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6 and vitamin C stand out.

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