BROTOMAX® is an energy-rich nutrient which is easily absorbed by leaves, branches, and roots, with upward/downward systemic activity. It enhances one of the cycles essential to plants: the shikimic acid pathway (the cycle inhibited by glyphosate-based herbicides). This cycle is responsible for the synthesis of major groups of metabolites. BROTOMAX® increases synthesis in polyphenols, a group of metabolites key to plant life and plant defence mechanisms.

BROTOMAX® does not directly introduce polyphenols, but has an impact on the biochemical modulation of the polyphenolic compounds, leaving it up to nature to regulate and balance its activity. Polyphenols promote the growth of phytoalexins, the plant’s natural self-defence substances which isolate and deactivate a series of fungal pathogens.
Respeta la fauna auxiliar

Respects beneficial fauna.

Sin residuos ni plazo de seguridad

No waste, no safety period.

Respeta la fauna auxiliar

Biodegradable product.

Indicado en cultivos que siguen algún tipo de programa de producción certificada

It is particularly suitable for crops following any type of certified production programme (Integrated Production, GlobalGap, etc.)

R&D&I: key articles published on Brotomax®

BROTOMAX® increases the content of antioxidants and modulates the proportion of polyphenols in olives

In addition to their high content of healthy fatty acids (mono and polyunsaturated), the fruits of olive trees and their derivative virgin oils, have an added value for health due to their antioxidant compound content, which prevent the effects of ageing and cardiovascular diseases. Within the antioxidant compounds of olives, polyphenols are the most abundant, […]

BROTOMAX® induces defence mechanisms

BROTOMAX® boosts one of the fundamental cycles of plants, that of shikimic acid, which is responsible for the synthesis of important groups of metabolites among which are polyphenols, which are very important for the life of plants and their defence mechanisms. BROTOMAX® does not directly introduce polyphenols to the plant, but influences their biochemical modulation, […]

Autumnal BROTOMAX® treatment to regulate the following year’s flowering in lower-yield citrus varieties

Certain varieties of citrus plants present high flowering levels which do not subsequently lead to larger fruit yields, and thus require autumnal treatments to correct the issue. BROTOMAX® provides easily-absorbed, high-energy nutrients leading to more balanced vegetative and flower development, equating to better flower differentiation. This makes BROTOMAX® the perfect product to apply in autumn […]

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