Flower and Ornamentals



  • 1st foliar application: 10-15 days after sprouting.
    Dose: 0,3% (3 cc/L)
  • 2nd foliar application: 30-40 days after the 1st treatment or prior to flowering, depending on the species.
    Dose: 0,3% (3 cc/L)
  • 3rd foliar application: 30 days after the 2nd treatment or before the “summer stop”.
    Dose: 0,3% (3 cc/L)
  • 4th foliar application: Recommended for woody or rare plants at the start of autumn and before the fall of leaves.
    Dose: 0,3% (3 cc/L)

BROTOMAX® can be applied to all kinds of floral and ornamental plants, both herbaceous and woody, annual or perennial. It is particularly useful in forest plantations, ornamental plant nurseries, cespitosa meadows and sports fields, in parks and gardens and in outdoor domestic gardening. As a general rule, we recommend between three and four applications of BROTOMAX® per crop cycle, at times of greatest vegetative activity or need.

Flower and Ornamentals


  • BROTOMAX® is particularly suitable for promoting the health and development of vegetation and roots in complex situations.
  • It effectively stimulates the development and cellular multiplication of the roots and shoots of treated plants. Ideal for use on golf courses and high yield sporting lawns.
  • Rapidly absorbed due to its system of ascending and descending towards all the organs of the plant, providing an important nucleus of elements and micronutrients of ultra-rapid uptake to activate and strengthen the plant at its most critical phases of growth.
  • Activates plant’s defences in situations of stress, frost, drought, hail, water logging and disease.
  • Stronger plants that are more resistant to cold.


  • In arboreal plants with an attack of Phytophthora: treat before the winter stop. In addition, reserves are accumulated for the next budding.
  • In new plantations of trees and shrubs: prevents drying of buds and wood, and the subsequent death of the tree due to the low volume of roots and limited storage of plant nutrients.
  • Hail: Quick healing of the wounds.
  • Key application to help live with Erwinia amylovora in prunos, rosaceae and other trees and shrubs: Perform 3 foliar applications of BROTOMAX® before flowering stage, after petal fall and 30 days after the second.
  • In some mature plants or unique or valuable varieties, it is important to perform a foliar application before the leaves fall or before the winter stop, thus achieving a larger reserves and an improvement in the next vegetative cycle.
    Dose: 0,3% (3 cc/L)

In the case of regeneration of damaged meadows and unique trees that have deteriorated, we strongly recommend applying BROTOMAX® mixed with CORRIZ·AM®.

Dose: 3L/Ha each via irrigation.

Flower and Ornamentals


In woody plants, the benefits of BROTOMAX® are best observed at the beginning of the next growing season.

Apply through foliar spraying obtaining full coverage of the whole plant,including the trunk in woody plants. Caution should be exercised in its use with certain sensitive varieties of flowers, such as hydrangeas. Must not be mixed with amino acids if used for sensitive herbaceous species, or ornamental fruit trees (or flower), where localized irrigation is recommended.

Use in fertigation at a rate of 6 L/Ha. Drip irrigation at doses of 10 ml/ft for adult trees, woody plants, and 5 ml/ft on shrubs and seedlings.

For herbaceous plants the dose to be used is 1 ml/plant.

It is highly recommended to treat damaged meadows and unique trees that have deteriorated, with a mixture of BROTOMAX® with CORRIZ·AM® at a dose of 3 L/Ha each via irrigation.

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