Lanzadera® Calcio

For fruit quality.

LANZADERA® CALCIO is a calcium (Ca) deficiency corrector formulated with the exclusive organic micromolecule HIBRIX®, which protects calcium cations against unwanted reactions. Through a foliar application the stabilised calcium is drawn to the plant cuticle and “launched” inside the plant.

Applied to the soil, LANZADERA® CALCIO allows the plant to absorb cations more directly, in turn increasing the capacity of the exchange complex which reduces sodium (Na) levels.

LANZADERA® CALCIO combats various diseases such as cracking, splitting, tip burn, and bitter pit, etc.

LANZADERA® CALCIO increases Linked Calcium content: Useful Calcium in fruit. It has been proven that it is closely related to the fruit’s shelf life, as well as its ability to mechanically resist pathogen attacks.

Respeta la fauna auxiliar

Respects beneficial fauna.

Sin residuos ni plazo de seguridad

No waste, no safety period.

Respeta la fauna auxiliar

Biodegradable product.

Indicado en cultivos que siguen algún tipo de programa de producción certificada

It is particularly suitable for crops following any type of certified production programme (Integrated Production, GlobalGap, etc.)

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Lanzadera® Calcio increases Linked Calcium in fruit crops

The Agrométodos deficiency corrector formulated with organic Hibrix® micromolecules The firmness, quality and shelf life of fruits are essential parameters for marketing them. Because of this, it is well-known that calcium nutrition is essential for the proper development of the fruit due to the structural function of calcium, which provides…

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