Collaboration agreement between AEFISA and the CAAE Certification Service

The Spanish Association of Phytosanitary and Environmental Health (AEFISA) of which Agrometodos is a member, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Certification Service of the Andalusian Committee on Organic Agriculture (CAAE Certification Service).

Since 1991, the CAAE Certification Service has been providing certification and control services for organic production, as well as the inputs used in this production system. It is authorized by the competent authorities of the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León.

In addition, the CAAE Certification Service is accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) for the scope of Organic Production (Plant Products, Animal Products, Aquaculture, Processed Products for Food and Animal) and Global GAP (Fruits and Vegetables), as set out in the Technical Annex in force and, recently, for UNE 142500, UNE 315500 and UNE 66500, relating to inputs usable in organic plant production:

  1. UNE 142500: 2017 Inputs (Fertilizers, Amendments and Crop Substrates).
  2. UNE 315500: 2017 Inputs (Products for pest and disease management).
  3. UNE 66500: 2017 Minimum requirements for certification of usable inputs in organic plant production according to UNE 142500 and UNE 315500.

In addition, it is accredited by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) for certification activity under NOP (National Organic Program) standards.

Among other points, the aforementioned collaboration agreement includes the following actions:


  • – Carry out outreach, training and information on the certification of inputs of UNE standards for organic production.
  • – National and international strengthening activities of the UNE STANDARDS Service, which will call for the express participation of AEFISA.
  • – Coordination of joint internationalization strategy.
  • – Etc.


  • – Offer CAAE services among its partners.
  • – Commitment to participate on a representative character of its partners in those activities that favor or promote organic production in general and the UNE RULES service in particular.
  • – Etc.

This collaboration agreement shall be valid for five years.

Agrometodos as a member of AEFISA and client of the CAAE Certification Service regarding the certification of Inputs for Organic Agriculture is satisfied with this agreement that will be beneficial for both institutions.

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