Horticultural Crops



  • 1st foliar application: 7-10 days after transplanting. Dose: 3 cc/L.
  • 2nd foliar application: 15-20 days later, or before flowering. Dose: 3 cc/L (greenhouse or outdoors).
  • 3rd foliar application: after the first harvest. Can be applied with specific fungicides. Dose: 3 cc/L.
  • Subsequent foliar applications: Can be applied at intervals of 12-18 days as the crop yield permits.

BROTOMAX® can be applied to all kinds of horticultural crops (tomato, cucumber, courgette, pepper, aubergine, …) both outdoors and in greenhouse. It can also be applied in drip irrigation, at a dose of 3-5 L/Ha.

In seedbeds, use foliar spraying when there are 2-3 real leaves.

Dose: 2 cc/L.

Horticultural Crops


  • Improves root distribution inside and outside of the irrigation bulb.
  • Enhances an even development of the crop (improving floral differentiation, fruit setting thus an increment in production).
  • As with any crop in which flowers and fruit are in the development stage at the same time, BROTOMAX® regulates the vegetative cycle, providing the energy that the plant requires in its most critical situations.
  • Maintains the level of production in times of less daylight.
  • The first application prevents decay of the “neck” and strengthens the plant, thus resulting in better rooting and ground grip.
  • With BROTOMAX® applications prevents the “collapse” or “sudden death” of plants a typical decline of many horticultural crops after transplanting or fruit setting.
  • A quick and effective improvement in the healing of plant’s wounds after fruit harvesting.
  • BROTOMAX® because of its antioxidant effects, mantain treated plants younger for longer, lengthening the vegetative cycle and allowing more cuts.
  • Increases the content of phenolic compounds.



At planting and at times of stress CORRIZ·AM® should be used. A greater amount of proliferation of absorbent hairs and a larger root mass will be obtained, meaning that the plants will be well gripped and so be better prepared to overcome stressful moments caused by biotic and abiotic agents during the crop cycle.

Dose (irrigation application): 3 L/Ha.


We recommend foliar applications of BIOHIDRAMAR® CREMA with the aim of achieving homogenised flowering, fruit setting and fattening, besides helping to overcome times of stress in the following horticultural crops: tomato, pepper, cucumber, aubergine, and courgette.

Dose: 2 cc/L.


For tomato, pepper and courgette, LANZADERA® COBRE is recommended as a preventative mean of strengthening plants against pathogen attacks.

Dose: 3 cc/L (foliar application).
           2-3 L/Ha (via irrigation)

Horticultural Crops

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