Application times, modes and dose:

  • 1st Application: : from bud break (bud visible) until young leaves are visible (15cm shoot).
    foliar application: 5 L/Ha
    irrigation application 8 L/Ha
  • 2nd Application: from 30cm shoots to visible flower buds.
    foliar application: 3 L/Ha
    irrigation application 5 L/Ha
  • 3rd Application: before harvest (approximately 45 days).
    foliar application: 3 L/Ha
    irrigation application 5 L/Ha

Benefts and Advantages

  • Increase in the number of sprouted buds.
  • Ensures good stimulation to sprouting buds. Optimum balance between vegetation (foliar surface) and number of flowers, better lining of the tree.
  • Strengthens the self-defence mechanisms of the tree to overcome attacks of Phytophthora spp.
  • Uniformity of fruit and more homogeneous maturation.
  • Improves consistency and fruit skin.
  • Increases fruit size and calibre uniformity.
  • Better conservation of the fruit.



Treat with BIOHIDRAMAR® CUAJE from the beginning of flowering until petals are visible, to boost the fruit-bearing potential of the crop, pollen quality, increase in number of uniform and fertile flowers, which means better fruit setting.
Dose (foliar application): 0,1 % (1L/1000L)


We recommend carrying out several applications of AM·EN® between fruit setting and fruit fill (approximately every 15-21 days) to promote swelling. In addition, fruit grip is boosted, greater calibre homogeneity is achieved and fruit quality is improved.
Dose (foliar application): 0,3% (3L/1000L).


To increase quality and fruit shelf life, an application of LANZADERA® CALCIO is recommended.
foliar application: 0,3% (3L/1000L) or
irrigation application: 5 L/Ha.

  LANZADERA® POTASIO LANZADERA® POTASIO to encourage fruit maturation and swelling.
foliar application: 0,25% (2,5L/1000L) o
irrigation application: 5 L/Ha.


When planting begins and at times of stress CORRIZ·AM®, is highly recommended to achieve:

    • Proliferation of absorbent hair and a larger root mass.
    • Generates a vegetative improvement and a larger trunk diameter.
    • Helps to overcome stressful moments caused by biotic and abiotic agents.
    • Promotes multiplication and lengthening of roots.
    • Stimulates mycorrhization.
Dose (irrigation application): 5 -6 L/Ha


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